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Feb 2, 2022
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Introducing the 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110

Are you ready to take your Huntsville riding experience to new heights? Look no further than the impressive 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 motorcycle scooter, now available at Brock Dock & Patio. As a leading provider of high-quality vehicles and outdoor products in the Business and Consumer Services category, we take pride in offering top-notch options such as the PIT KING 110, designed to meet the evolving needs of riders like you.

Unleash Your Riding Potential

When it comes to performance, the 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 stands out from the crowd. Equipped with a powerful engine and advanced features, this motorcycle scooter is engineered to deliver an exhilarating and smooth ride every time you hit the road. Experience the thrill of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just a matter of seconds as the PIT KING 110 effortlessly showcases its impressive horsepower.

Impressive Features

The PIT KING 110 offers an array of features that make it a compelling choice for Huntsville riders. From its sleek and stylish design to its ergonomic seating and optimized control layout, every aspect of this motorcycle scooter is carefully crafted to enhance your comfort and riding experience. Whether you're commuting through the city streets or exploring scenic routes, the PIT KING 110 ensures you do it with style and confidence.

Engine Specifications

  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, single-cylinder
  • Displacement: 110cc
  • Max Power: 6.4 kW @ 7500rpm
  • Max Torque: 8.5 Nm @ 5500rpm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.2:1

Advanced Safety Features

Your safety is our top priority. The 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 comes equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride. From its responsive braking system to its reliable suspension, you can navigate various road conditions with ease and confidence. Ride with peace of mind knowing that the PIT KING 110 is designed to protect you while you cruise on two wheels.

Experience Excellence with Brock Dock & Patio

At Brock Dock & Patio, we are committed to providing exceptional products and services to our valued customers. As a trusted name in the Business and Consumer Services category, we understand the importance of delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. When you choose the 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110, you not only gain a high-performance motorcycle scooter but also benefit from the exceptional customer service and support we offer.

The Perfect Choice for Huntsville Riders

Located in Huntsville, our team at Brock Dock & Patio is proud to serve the local riding community. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, we can help you find the perfect motorcycle scooter that suits your needs and preferences. The 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 offers a combination of style, performance, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned riders alike.

Visit Brock Dock & Patio Today

Ready to experience the sheer excitement and adventure that the 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 has to offer? Visit Brock Dock & Patio today and discover why we are the go-to destination for high-quality motorcycles, scooters, and outdoor products. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle that fits your lifestyle. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose Brock Dock & Patio and let us ignite your passion for riding.

Stuart Moir
This motorcycle scooter is a game-changer. It's going to revolutionize Huntsville's riding experience!
Oct 31, 2023
Michael Miller
Exciting times for motorcycle enthusiasts in Huntsville!
Oct 31, 2023
Cherian Jacob
This new motorcycle scooter is a game-changer! Can't wait to check it out at Brock Dock & Patio.
Oct 6, 2023
'Hernando Ranos
Impressive addition to the vehicle lineup at Brock Dock & Patio.
Aug 3, 2023
Grace Lee
I've been waiting for a new scooter to hit the market. This looks promising!
Jul 23, 2023
Richard Picciochi
The 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 is bound to turn heads in Huntsville.
Jun 9, 2023
Simon Puleo
Excited to see the new 2021 Kandi Pit King 110 at Brock Dock & Patio!
Mar 23, 2023
Opal Alapat
I’m interested in learning more about the features of the 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110.
Dec 14, 2022
Annette Mota
This new addition is getting a lot of attention – can't wait to check it out for myself!
Nov 21, 2022
JW Andrassy
Looking forward to refreshing my riding experience with the 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110.
Nov 17, 2022
Marc Levy
Can't wait to test ride the 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110!
Sep 15, 2022
Joe Mizzi
Great to see a variety of high-quality vehicles at Brock Dock & Patio.
Sep 2, 2022
Cheryl Goodemote
The 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 is a must-see for motorcycle enthusiasts.
Aug 18, 2022
Thomas Reasor
Looks like an exciting new option for riders in Huntsville!
Jul 27, 2022
Nelson Sims
The 2021 Kandi PIT KING 110 looks like a great addition to the Huntsville riding scene.
Jul 15, 2022
Fred Pratt
Brock Dock & Patio is definitely stepping up its game with this new arrival.
Mar 5, 2022